Friday , 23 March 2018

More EX Raid Invitations Sent Out Worldwide

Pokemon Go EX Raid

Niantic have today sent out a batch of new EX raid invitations to Pokemon GO players across the world. Players across the globe in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the USA and many many more have reported receiving an EX raid pass.

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Pokemon Go Equinox Event Announced By Niantic

Pokemon Go Equinox Event

Niantic have announced the next in-game event for Pokemon Go, called the Equinox Event. The event is scheduled to begin on 1pm PDT on September 22nd and will run through to 1pm PDT on October 2nd. The event will feature double stardust, 3x experience when registering a new Pokemon to your Pokedex, special 2km eggs and much more.

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First EX Raid Pass Invitations Sent Out

EX Raid Pass

Niantic have begun sending out the first EX raid pass invitations as the worldwide release of Mewtwo grows ever closer. Players have reported receiving invitations to take part in EX raids, with the first raid scheduled for TOMORROW.

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