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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Pokemon Go Empire, a Pokemon Go resource. Pokemon Go Empire, or PGE if you like, was officially born on Pokemon Go’s first birthday, July 6th 2017. We aim to provide our visitors; you, the Pokemon Go players, with the best resourceon the internet for the game.

We aim to deliver the very latest Pokemon Go news to the community, including news of the latest events, both in game and around the world (such as GoFest) as well as information on the latest game updates for iPhone and Android. We’ll also do our best to provide fast mirrors for the latest APK files for Android Devices.

Our pride and joy is our guides section, where you will be able to find guides detailing the entire Pokemon Go spectrum; from movesets, gyms and battles to evolutions, appraisals and levelling up. You’ll also find helpful topics in our how to section which will help you become more successful at Pokemon Go.

PGE also has an entire section dedicated to the newest game feature; raids. We’ve got the entire raids topic completely covered for you, from raid bosses to raid rewards. There is also a section dedicated to the legendary raid bosses in the game.

PGE has a dedicated Teams section, giving detailed team information to Mystic, Valor and Instinct players. A section is also dedicated to the various events held by Niantic for the game.

Need help on typing, egg hatching, which Pokemon to use as attackers or defenders? Our lists section provides a comprehensive roundup of every possible list you could ever need.

We also have a top class review on the Pokemon Go Plus accessory for the game, with links on the best place to buy the item for the best price! We also have a full rundown on the Pokecoins feature of the game, including methods to obtain them for FREE plus via competitions and prize draws.

We hope Pokemon Go Empire provides everything you need to aid you with playing Pokemon Go! Be sure to give us a like and follow on Facebook and Twitter, and you can contact us at any time via our contact page. Thanks for visiting!