Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Pokecoins: How To Get Free Pokecoins In Pokemon Go

Find out how to get Pokecoins for free, the various different methods of obtaining free Pokecoins and more with little to no effort! Pokecoins, or Pokemon Go Coins, are the ‘currency’ of the game. There is only one way to get free Pokecoins in the game; through placing Pokemon in a gym and defending it, or you can buy them from the game shop. Coins allow you to buy items which aid you in being successful in Pokemon Go, such as raid passes, egg incubators, incense and lures.


Pokecoins are extremely valuable and should be spent wisely. The best items (in our opinion) to spend them on would be egg incubators. The more incubators you have, the more eggs you can hatch and the more Pokemon, candy, stardust and XP you will gain. Egg incubators currently cost 150 Pokecoins, so they don’t come cheap.

Pokemon Go Gym

If you want to get free Pokecoins in-game without spending real money, you will need to interact with the various gyms dotted around the globe. Gyms are available to trainers Level 5 and above. You may come across a gym that is currently owned by your team; in which case, you can place a Pokemon in the gym and begin earning coins. If the gym is owned by an opposing team, you’ll need to take the gym down before you can start defending it.

This is how Pokecoins now work following the 2017 summer Gym re-work update:

  • For every 10 minutes that your Pokemon defends a gym, you will earn 1 Pokecoin. This is per Pokemon; so if you have 2 Pokemon in gyms, you’ll get 2 Pokecoins every 10 minutes it holds it’s place in the gym.
  • Pokecoins are not received until your Pokemon is eliminated from the gym. When your Pokemon returns to you, the coins will be received.
  • There is a limit of 50 Pokecoins per day you can earn.

There are benefits and drawbacks to this system; gone is the previous mechanic of having to have Pokemon in a gym at the same time and then ‘collecting’ your coins from the in-game shop. You could earn more coins per day, 100 to be exact, but to get that you’d have to have 10 Pokemon in gyms at the same time which could prove very tedious.

Pokemon Go Coins

The new system earns you coins ‘quicker’; but not in every scenario. For example, if you have a Pokemon defend a gym for three days before returning to you, you’ll only receive the coins for the day it returns. So you won’t be getting 150 coins, you’ll get 50. With the new system, it is better to have your Pokemon return to you regularly rather than defend a gym for multiple days…which doesn’t seem quite right to us!


We all like to get something for free right? By now you might have come across sites advertising Pokecoin Generators or Pokecoin Hacks; these are not legitimate and will simply trick you. There is no such thing as a generator or a hack for Pokecoins.

If you want to get Pokecoins for free online, there are a few methods you can try:

There are websites online which allow you to complete surveys and offers in order to earn free iTunes and Play Store gift cards. You could then use these gift cards to buy Pokecoins from the Pokemon Go shop!

Free Pokecoins

The best website to use to do this is Points2Shop. Points2Shop is a GPT site. GPT stands for ‘get paid to’ – on the site you get paid to complete surveys and offers. You can be paid in either points or cash. Both points and cash are very easy to earn if you dedicate a few hours to completing the tasks on the website. You can then exchange these points or cash for iTunes and Play Store gift cards and buy your Pokecoins FREE.

Various websites run competitions to give away Pokecoins to winners. Our website will be running giveaways via our Competitions page, where you can enter to win Pokecoins free of charge! It’s our way of giving back to the Pokemon Go community and thanking you for supporting the website. Quite often all you will have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter or retweet/share a post/status we make! EASY!

We have also teamed up with an advertiser to offer you the chance to get Pokecoins along with a complimentary Visa gift card! To enter, you will need a valid email address. This competition runs constantly but will need a different valid email address and personal ID each time; you can only enter this competition yourself once. To enter, click the banner below and follow the instructions:


Similar to hacks and generators, you may come across links that advertise buying Pokecoins at a vastly reduced price; again, do not do this. It is very likely to be a scam and you could find yourself out of pocket. If you want to spend money on Pokecoins, buy them from the in-game shop only!

To buy your coins from the in-game shop, all you’ll need to do is select one of coin packages that you’d like and follow the instructions to complete your purchase. Once payment has been completed, the coins will be added to your balance!


Now you have some coins, via the free or paid methods listed above, you can start spending! Coins will buy you a variety of things, from Pokeballs to Storage space. From a personal point of view, I would never spend my coins on Pokeballs, potions or revives; these items can be obtained for free from Pokestops. I would only use your coins on these items if you’re in desperate need of them. I also don’t feel that incense provides you with value for money. The same goes for lures, although I would consider buying these if the 6-hour long Lure periods return in certain events by Niantic!

Pokemon Go Items

I would only be spending my Pokecoins on Raid Passes, Lucky Eggs, Bag/Storage Upgrades and Egg Incubators. Raid Passes would be bought to complete multiple raids per day, thus receiving more valuable items such as TM’s plus 3000 XP per raid. Lucky Eggs would be bought to maximise XP return if performing mass evolutions or for double-XP events. Bag/Storage upgrades will be needed to be bought to maximise the amount of Pokemon you can keep and items you can carry. Egg Incubators would be bought to hatch as many eggs as possible, thus increasing your chances of getting stronger Pokemon, more candy and stardust and receiving more XP.

You could also hold on to your coins as Niantic often holds sales in the shop when Events are on. The choice though, is up to you. Happy earning and spending!