Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Mewtwo Raid Boss – How To Beat Mewtwo In A Pokemon Go Raid

Mewtwo Raid Boss

Mewtwo Raid Boss

Mewtwo is a raid boss encountered in an exclusive legendary raid (legendary egg). His raid boss combat power (CP) is 49430 and his maximum capture CP after you defeat it in a raid is 2275 (at perfect 100% IV). Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon and currently the hardest raid boss available in Pokemon Go; he is not soloable and early indications show it can take 8+ trainers to defeat Mewtwo. It will take a team of high CP Pokemon that are super-effective against him; namely dark-types such as Tyranitar and Houndoom and even Mewtwo itself!

The below is a full rundown on this raid boss with all the information needed to successfully defeat Mewtwo in battle.

Mewtwo Raid Boss  
Raid Boss CP49430
Max Capture CP2275
Weak AgainstDark
TyranitarBiteStone Edge
HoundoomSnarlFoul Play
MewtwoConfusionShadow Ball

Attackers & Tips

Mewtwo will need to be taken on by 8+ trainers who have a team of high CP super effective Pokemon, preferably dark-type, to defeat it.

Tyranitar with Bite/Crunch will deal good damage to Mewtwo. However, if Mewtwo has the charge move Focus Blast it can do serious damage to Tyranitar’s due to it’s fighting type status. Houndoom with dark-type moves can also deal super-effective damage but will be susceptible to Mewtwo’s strong attack. In the rare instance that you gain a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, this is also a good option due to the move’s ghost-type status.

Aside from these options, you want Pokemon who will deal as much damage as possible (Dragonite, Gyarados etc). It may also be a good idea to use a Blissey as an anchor Pokemon in your sixth slot. Remember to dodge as much as possible, preferably EVERYTHING, especially the charge move.

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