Wednesday , 21 February 2018

More EX Raid Invitations Sent Out Worldwide

Niantic have today sent out a batch of new EX raid invitations to Pokemon GO players across the world.

Players across the globe in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the USA and many many more have reported receiving an EX raid pass. If you received an EX raid pass today, be sure to check out our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide to get the information you need before your battle! If you didn’t get a EX raid pass…well, all we can say is try and try again.

A list of locations confirmed to be receiving EX raid invitations has been published on GO Hub. These are just locations that players have reported to have received EX raids; there are likely to be many more areas out there!

Mewtwo EX Raid BossMore and more players are receiving invites to take on Mewtwo…

If you haven’t received a raid pass, all we can suggest is to keep fighting in raids in your local area and keep an eye on your game; EX raid passes are becoming a lot more common! Good luck, trainers.