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Pokemon Go Battle Guide

Pokemon Go Battle Guide – Battle Mechanics, Techniques, Strategy, Type Advantages, CP & More

Welcome to our Pokemon Go battle guide! If you want to find out information on how gyms work first, head over to our gyms guide. If you want to find out information on raids, head over to our raids guide. This guide covers every aspect of battles in Pokemon Go, from dodging strategies to battle techniques and Pokemon type advantages.


Aside from filling up your Pokedex and catching them all, the other main feature of Pokemon Go is battles. Battles take place in the many Pokemon gyms dotted on your game map around the globe. Whereas the Pokemon video games took on a turn based format for its battles, Pokemon Go’s style is a much more simplistic attack and dodge mechanic.

Pokemon Go BattleQuick move, charge move, dodging – the three aspects of a Pokemon Go battle…

There are three main aspects of battles; your quick move, your charge move (also known as your special attack) and dodging. To perform a quick move, simply tap the screen repeatedly. To perform a charge move, you need to wait until the blue bar below your Pokemon’s name at the top of the screen has fully charged and is flashing; to perform the charge move, hold your finger on the screen. To dodge an enemy attack, simply swipe left or right on the screen.


Pokemon Go Battle AttackAttack, attack and attack some more….with a few dodges thrown in!

In all honesty, there is little strategy to battling in Pokemon Go – just hit your opponent with as many attacks as you can, use your special attack when you can and dodge when you believe an attack is coming your way. If your Pokemon is stronger and/or has a type advantage over the opponent, it’s sometimes worth not dodging anything except attempting to dodge the charge move.

Different people have different techniques when it comes to battling; some players are in it for the long haul and dodge every opponent attack possible, some will only dodge the opponents charge move, and some want to speed through a battle and won’t dodge at all. There’s no right or wrong way. Dodging all moves will mean you take less damage, but dodging only charge moves or not dodging at all will speed up how long it takes to take a gym down.


There is however some tips we can give for battling effectively:

  • Leaving A Battle – In a change from the previous gym mechanic where you had to run from a battle to end it early, you can now leave a battle before you face another Pokemon. This gives you the chance to opt out and heal or change your team before battling further if required. This is especially helpful if you have a low CP team; it will take longer, but it’s possible to take a gym out with a weaker team doing this.
  • Timing Your Dodging – It is possible to train yourself to anticipate every charge attack your opponents make; each charge move comes with a different animation, and takes a different amount of time to hit your Pokemon, but if you watch out for a yellow ‘flash’ on the screen, this means a charge attack is coming…so prepare to dodge!
  • Quick Over Charge? – Depending on your Pokemon’s moveset, it is sometimes the case where you will deal more damage with your quick attack than you would with your special attack in the same amount of time. It all depends on your Pokemon’s moveset. (See our MOVESET guide for more information!)

There is a practice makes perfect approach when it comes to battles; the more battles you take part in, the more you’ll learn when to use your quick moves, your charge moves and when to dodge attacks. You’ll be amazed how quickly your brain will train itself to dodge moves at the right time the more you play the game!


Pokemon Go Type AdvantagesFire beats grass, grass beats water, water beats fire…type advantage is important in Pokemon Go!

Due to the nature of Pokemon Go’s battling mechanic, CP and type play a big part in battles. CP, or combat power, is how Pokemon Go ranks your Pokemon in terms of strength; the higher the number, the stronger it is. There is a handy Max CP list available which shows you the strongest Pokemon in the game and how strong each Pokemon can get.

A Pokemon’s type is a big factor when it comes to battling. Certain Pokemon will have big advantages over their opponents depending on their type. For example, a Blastoise, as long as he has water moves in his moveset, will be highly effective against a Flareon because water is extra effective (1.4x more) against fire. Flareon suffers here, but would have a much better time against a Victreebell, if it has fire moves in it’s moveset, as fire is extra effective against grass.

Pokemon Go TyranitarTyranitar is the strongest (or highest CP) available Pokemon in Pokemon Go currently…

Having a Pokemon with moves that match their type also gives you a STABsame-type-attack-bonus – of 1.2. An example of this would be Tyranitar, a dark/ground type Pokemon, with the moves Bite and Crunch/Stone Edge, which are dark or ground type moves. A full type effectiveness chart can be found here to help guide you on who has an advantage in battle.

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