Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Pokemon Go Equinox Event: Double Stardust, Special 2km Eggs, Super Incubator & More

The next event for Pokemon Go will run from September 22nd to October 2nd and is called the Equinox Event. The event is to acknowledge the cool autumn nights quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and sunny spring days arriving in the Southern Hemisphere.


The event will begin at 13:00pm PDT on September 22nd and will end at 13:00pm PDT on October 2nd.


This event will feature the following:

  • Double Stardust (Make sure you check out our guide on how to get more stardust in Pokemon Go and take full advantage!).
  • 3x experience awarded for registering a new Pokemon to your Pokedex.
  • Special 2km eggs with the chance of hatching Chansey, Mareep and Larvitar from them.
  • Special event box sale featuring the new Super Incubators, Lucky Eggs and Lure Modules.


This event will finally feature the introduction of DOUBLE STARDUST which all players should do their very best to advantage of. We have written a full guide on how to get more stardust in Pokemon Go which you should definitely take a look at ahead of this event. Your primary aim of this event should be to gain as much stardust as you possibly can.

This is even more important when you see what you could be hatching from the special 2km eggs! Your chances of hatching a Mareep, Chansey and a Larvitar are greatly increased for the duration of the event.

Pokemon Go Equinox EventMareep, Chansey and Larvitar will be hatching from special 2km eggs during the Equinox Event…

The more stardust you accumulate, the quicker you’ll be able to power up your potential new hatches into Blissey’s and Tyranitar’s; two Pokemon who have their uses in their own ways in legendary and exclusive raids against legendary pokemon such as Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Mewtwo.

This event will see the introduction of the new Super Incubator. The super incubator will hatch your eggs a faster rate than the current 1x distance multiplier that the current incubators provide. With your chances of getting the 3 rare Pokemon above from 2km eggs increased, it may be a good idea to invest in some Super Incubators. We also have a guide on all the ways you can get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go which will only help your cause!

Good luck, trainers!