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Pokemon Go Gym

Pokemon Go Gym Guide – Features, Motivation, Berries, Coins, Items & More

Welcome to your ultimate Pokemon Go gym guide! If you want to find out about Raid battles in gyms, head over to our raids section for a full guide. This guide covers the complete update of the Gyms feature from June 2017, including how all of the new features work and how you can be most successful at taking over and defending gyms in your area.


The biggest change of all is how the gym’s actually now function in Pokemon Go. Gone is the ‘prestige’ system of training a gym to increase it’s level and the amount of Pokemon it can hold. In it’s place comes the new ‘motivation’ system.

Pokemon Go Gym GuideGyms now work on a ‘motivation’ system – the hearts above the Pokemon’s heads increase and decrease depending on certain circumstances…

When a Pokemon is placed in a gym, it now comes with a motivation meter. This motivation meter will increase and decrease under certain circumstances. As soon as a Pokemon enters a gym, the clock starts ticking on the meter. As of time of writing, Pokemon who are 3000cp and over decrease their motivation by 10% an hour, with Pokemon 2999cp and under decreasing by 1% an hour.

To increase a Pokemon’s motivation, they must be fed berries. Any member of your team (Mystic, Valor or Instinct) can give a berry to a Pokemon in the gym of their team. Pokemon can receive any of the three available berries; Nanab, Pinap or Razz. Pokemon can also receive Golden Razzberries and these have the most effect in boosting the motivation meter. The more berries you give a Pokemon, the slower the meter will increase. Pokemon will eventually get ‘tired’ of eating the 3 main berries for a certain amount of time before they can be fed them again.

To decrease a Pokemon’s motivation, they must be defeated in battle. Pokemon must be defeated three times (if no berries have been fed to them while you have been battling them) to lose all motivation. Once it loses all motivation, the Pokemon will be eliminated from the gym and will return to it’s trainer. If you want to hold gyms for a long period, be prepared to feed a lot of berries to a lot of Pokemon!


Pokemon gyms now also act as Pokestops! You can spin any gym, just like you would a normal Pokestop, to receive items. If your team currently holds the gym, you will receive a ‘team bonus’ of additional items. The gym Pokestops are also where you collect your daily raid pass from. More on Raids and Raid Passes can be found in our raids section.

Trainers are also able to receive 2km, 5km and 10km eggs from gyms and the spins count towards your daily streak!


Pokemon Go Gym BadgesGyms now rewards trainers with ‘gym badges’ – the more you interact with the gym, the better the badge gets…

Also new with the new Pokemon Go gym update are Gym Badges. When you first spin the Pokestop of a Gym you haven’t yet visited, you will receive a gym badge. The gym badges come in four stages; basic, bronze, silver, and gold. The better the gym badge, the more items you will receive from the gym’s pokestop and the more impressive your badges page will look!

Increasing the bar on the gym badge meter can be done by feeding berries to Pokemon in the gym, battling a gym, and adding a Pokemon to a gym. Adding a Pokemon to a gym will give you the biggest increase of +100 each time you add a new Pokemon to defend the gym from the opposing teams. The longer the Pokemon stays in the gym, the higher the badge meter will rise.

Gym Badge meters will not decrease, so you can’t lose any ‘prestige’ on the meter if you fail to interact with the gym for a while.


Pokemon Go Coins

The amount and way you receive coins from gyms has now changed. The maximum amount you can earn a day is 50, a drop from the 100 it was previously. Before, you used to receive up to 100 coins every 20 hours that you held a gym. So if you 3 Pokemon held 3 gyms for 40 hours, you would receive 60 coins. Now though, that’s all changed.

You will only receive coins now when a Pokemon returns from a gym. For example, if your Pokemon hold a gym for more than a day, you won’t receive the coins for that day unless they come back. This has sparked criticism amongst the Pokemon Go community as there is currently no real incentive to hold gyms for long periods.

Pokemon earn coins at a rate of one coin every ten minutes a gym is held. If you do the math, you currently want your Pokemon to be returning to you after just shy of 9 hours to get your 50 coins a day. More on Pokecoins can be found in our Pokecoins guide.


Only a maximum of six Pokemon now defend a gym, a drop from the previous maximum of ten. All gyms must also now contain unique Pokemon i.e. a different Pokemon for each six slots. There can no longer be six Blisseys in a gym but there can be Gyarados, Blissey, Dragonite, Rhydon, Exeggutor and Vaporeon!

Pokemon defend in the gym in the order that they were added and no longer in CP order. So if you placed your Charizard in the gym first and the gym fills up, he will be the sixth defender of the gym.

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