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Pokemon Go Moveset Guide

Pokemon Go Moveset Guide – Quick Moves, Charge Moves, Attackers, Defenders & More

Welcome to our Pokemon Go moveset guide! If you want to find out information on how Gyms work first, head over to our gyms guide. If you want to find out information on raids, head over to our raids guide. This guide covers every aspect of Pokemon movesets in Pokemon Go, from using fast and charge TM’s to finding the perfect moveset for your Pokemon.


Movesets are a critical part of Pokemon Go; you may have a super strong Gyarados, but if it doesn’t have the right moveset (i.e. it has the dreaded Twister – disaster!) then it won’t be as effective as it could be in gym battles.

Pokemon Go DragoniteSteel Wing is one of the better quick moves, but you don’t want it on your Dragonite!

If you’ve spent days, weeks, even months building towards evolving that high-IV Dratini into a Dragonite, you obviously want it to have the best moveset possible. So you evolve your Dratini, then you evolve your Dragonair…finally, the Dragonite you’ve been waiting for! Then you check it’s moveset…and it’s ended up with Steel Wing. Ah.

All that hard work of collecting candy and it ends up with a steel-type move. It’s not the worst move in the world; it’s actually one of the best moves for damage. but it’s not ideal on a dragon/flying type Pokemon. Plus if you don’t get a dragon or flying move, you don’t get STAB. STAB is same type attack bonus; if a Pokemon uses a move that matches it’s type, it gets a bonus multiplier of 1.2x.


Getting the ideal moveset for your Pokemon used to be a complete lottery; you would evolve your Pokemon, waiting for the evolution sequence to finish and then pray. If you got the ideal moveset – result! If you didn’t…there was nothing you could do about it. Either you made the best of it, transferred the Pokemon and started trying again, or kept the Pokemon in your inventory in the hope that you’d be able to change its moves one day.

Pokemon Go Technical MachinePokemon Go has introduced Fast TM’s and Charge TM’s; lifesavers for Pokemon with bad movesets!

Thankfully, with the introduction of raid battles, that day has now arrived! When you successfully defeat a raid boss, you have the chance of gaining either a fast TM or a charge TM. TM stands for ‘technical machine’ and is an item used to change the moveset of a Pokemon, as seen in the Pokemon video games.

Using a fast TM or charge TM on a Pokemon will randomly assign it a new move from it’s available move pool. It is a good idea to check what moves your Pokemon can learn before using a tm; because the process is random, it could end up with a worse move than before! Use the PokeGenie app for iPhone to get an up-to-date view of the moves your pokemon can learn. If you want to change that Dragonite’s fast move from Steel Wing, you’re in luck; Dragonite only learns 2 fast moves, Steel Wing and Dragon Tail, so it’s guaranteed to be get Dragon Tail, it’s best fast move!


The fun doesn’t stop there when it comes to movesets, there’s another factor to consider; is this Pokemon going to be an attacker or a defender? Do you want this Pokemon to specialise in taking down gyms, or do you want it to specialise in defending gyms from opponents?

Because of how the gym mechanic works, Pokemon can often have two different ‘best’ movesets; one for attacking, one for defending. Most if not all Pokemon can be a decent attacker, as you’re in control of it during battle. However, only a select group of Pokemon will make for a really top defender in gyms because of how gyms work. Defenders are controlled by the AI and will only attack every 2 seconds, use their charge move randomly and can’t dodge attacks.

Pokemon Go Tyranitar

For example, Tyranitar has gone from being a top gym defender to being more of a top attacker. This is because 3000+ CP Pokemon in gyms are punished with a 10% ‘decay’ to their CP for every hour they are in a gym. If you’re looking at gym defenders, you want a high hp/defense Pokemon which can also deal good damage, such as a Blissey or a Snorlax. Ideally, you want their CP to be around 3000 but just under it, to reduce the speed at which they will ‘decay’ in gyms.


So, now your brain is overflowing with information on movesets. There’s all different moveset combinations to consider, whether you need to change your Pokemon’s moveset or keep it as it is and whether your Pokemon is best suited to attacking or defending.

Below we have a variety of different charts which will show you which Pokemon come out on top for overall strength, what the best moves in the game are, the best movesets for each Pokemon, the best attackers and the best defenders in the game.

Best Pokemon (Coming Soon)
Best Quick Moves (Coming Soon)
Best Charge Moves (Coming Soon)
Best Movesets (Coming Soon)
Best Attackers (Coming Soon)
Best Defenders (Coming Soon)

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