Wednesday , 21 February 2018
Pokemon Go Plus Review

Pokemon Go Plus Review: Should You Buy Pokemon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus is a must-have accessory device for the Pokemon Go mobile game if you’re a serious player. With a Go Plus, you can spin Pokestops and catch Pokemon without even having the game open on your phone, making it perfect for people who want to play but can’t have their phone open all the time due to school, college, work or any other similar scenario.


The Go Plus connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so your phone will need to be Bluetooth-enabled and have it turned on when you want to use the device. When connected, the device will notify you about in-game events, such as nearby Pokemon or Pokestops, via vibration and an LED.

When you’re in range of a Pokestop, the device will blink and vibrate. To spin the stop, simply click the device’s Pokeball button when this happens to immediately gain all the items you would normally receive from an in-game stop spin! When a Pokemon is nearby, the light on the Go Plus will flash. Once the Pokemon is in range, press the Pokeball button on the device to attempt to catch it. The device will flash and vibrate to let you know if you were successful in catching the Pokemon!

This makes it extremely useful for building up your item inventory, catching Pokemon and building up your candy, stardust and XP on the go. These benefits alone make it a must-have purchase for the serious Pokemon Go player.


The device comes with a wristband so you can have it tucked nicely away under your sleeve without anyone being any the wiser! If you don’t want it on your wrist, the device is easily able to slide into your trouser or jacket pocket, or you can pin it to your clothes. This makes it perfect for people who are in a spawn area for Pokemon and/or within reach of a Pokestop but can’t have their phone out.

Playing the game with the Go Plus will also significantly help you in saving your phone’s battery life; a problem for all smartphone users and players of Pokemon Go. It will still need to use your phone’s battery for Bluetooth, but it’s a significant save on running the actual game.


The Go Plus supports both the egg-hatching mechanic and the buddy system mechanic. Hatch your eggs and rack up the candy with your buddy Pokemon without even having to look at the game! Simply pin the device to your clothes, attach it to your wrist or just drop it in your pocket; as long as the device is connected to your phone, you’ll gain distance on your eggs and your buddy.


The Pokemon Go Plus is compatible with the following smartphones and operating systems:

iPhone: 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus/7/7 Plus devices with Ios 8-10 installed
Android: devices that have 2GB Ram or more with Android 4.4-6.0 installed.

Pokemon Go iPhone Android

If your OS is on the list; you’re in luck! The Go Plus will work with your smartphone. Your device will also need to have Bluetooth capabilities, which most if not all modern smartphones will have.


The Go Plus has been extremely popular ever since launch, regularly selling out as soon as stock is available. After researching, it seems the best place to buy the Go Plus is from Amazon. Amazon seems to be the best company for replenishing their stock regularly. You will need to be quick in ordering when stock is available as they sell out very quickly.

Pokemon Go Plus Review

The Go Plus is currently priced at $34.99 on Amazon US and £34.99 on Amazon UK. The device is also eligible for Amazon Prime delivery; meaning if you’re a Prime customer you can order your device today and be playing it tomorrow! If you’re not a Prime customer, you can sign up for the FREE TRIAL here! The price of the Go Plus for other countries may vary depending on the currency exchange rate. Simply click either the Amazon US or Amazon UK link and you will be redirected to your countries Amazon website.


So you’ve ordered your Go Plus from Amazon and received it the next day? Excellent! All you want to do now is get it set up and working right? Follow the steps below to get your Go Plus up and running, plus how to maintain your device:

Pair with Bluetooth – To pair your Go Plus with your phone’s Bluetooth connection you’ll obviously need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone’s settings. Your Go Plus when first taken out of the packaging will have a plastic tab inside it. Pull the plastic tab out and load up the Pokemon Go app. Once the game has loaded, head for the settings page on the app and select Pokemon Go Plus. This will pair your device with your phone!

Replace the battery – To replace the battery, you’ll need a small, cross-head screwdriver. Remove the single screw on the back and remove the old battery. The new battery will slide in where the old one was. Make sure the + symbol is facing UP.

Attach the Go Plus to your wristband – To attach the device to the wristband, you’ll need a small, cross-head screwdriver. Remove the screw, attach the wristband to the casing and screw back on. Simple!

Pair the Go Plus with a new phone – To pair the Go Plus with a different device, you’ll first need to unpair it from your old device. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and unpair the device. Once this is done, hold down the button on the Go Plus for roughly five seconds until the LED turns blue. Once this happens, hold the button down again for another five seconds. The device will vibrate to let you know it has been successfully unpaired. It can now be paired with a new device following the steps above.


The Go Plus is extremely simple to use. If there’s any confusion, the game will send you push notifications so you know exactly what your device has been up to. It will tell you when you spin a stop, when you catch a Pokemon, if you run out of Pokeballs etc. Here’s a complete rundown on what happens when the LED flashes:

LED flashes blue and vibrates three times – You’re in range of a Pokestop; push the buttons to collect items and XP.

LED flashes green and vibrates three times – A wild Pokemon you’ve already encountered is in range. Press the button to throw a Pokeball. The device will go white and vibrate up to three times; it will turn rainbow colours if the throw was successful or red if it failed.

LED flashes yellow and vibrates three times – A wild Pokemon you haven’t yet caught is in range. Press the button to throw a Pokeball. The device will go white and vibrate up to three times; it will turn rainbow colours if the throw was successful or red if it failed.

LED flashes red and vibrates slowly – You’re either out of Pokeballs, your item inventory is full or you have connection issues. If this occurs, check your push notifications for details on the problem.