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Pokemon Go Raids

Pokemon Go Raids – Raid Bosses, Raid Rewards, Raid Difficulty & More

Welcome to our Pokemon Go Raids guide. If you need help with battling and gyms before taking on the big raids, head over to our gyms and battles guide to fine tune your techniques. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Raids in Pokemon Go.


Raids were introduced in the June 2017 game update, version 0.67.1 for Android and 1.37.1 for iOS. They are a new cooperative gameplay experience where trainers can team up together to face ‘raid bosses‘, basically powered-up versions of Pokemon, of differing quality – from a Magikarp to a Tyranitar. It is possible to face some of the raid bosses on your own, but for a lot of them you will need multiple trainers to successfully defeat them.

Pokemon Go Raids OverviewBayleef, Quilava and Croconaw are level 1 raid bosses

Raid battles take place at random gym’s all across the world, and reportedly mainly between the hours of 9am to 9pm, regardless of your timezone. You will receive an in-game notification when a raid is happening near you. When a raid is set to happen, an egg will appear on the top of Pokemon gyms. The eggs will be accompanied by a countdown clock which indicates when a raid is set to start.

If you check the raid section of your in-game tracker, it will show the gym where the raid is taking place, a picture of the egg, the time the raid will begin and a difficulty level below it.  The egg colour will differ depending on the rarity of the raid boss. The difficulty will vary depending on the difficulty of the raid boss – from 1 to 4. There will be a 5th difficulty level when legendary Pokemon are introduced to the game in Pokemon Go Raids.


Once an egg has ‘hatched’, the raid boss is available to fight. It is not currently known how to determine which raid boss will come out of the egg, if it is even determinable at all; it may be completely random. A countdown timer will also begin once the egg has hatched to tell you how long you have to battle and defeat the raid boss.

You need to be in close proximity of the gym to enter a raid battle, just as you used to be when you were battling or training a gym in its previous format. To enter a raid battle, you need a raid pass. A raid pass is obtained by spinning the Pokestop disc of a gym; it can be any gym, and doesn’t have to be the gym you want to battle. You get one free raid pass each day. Additional raid passes, called premium raid passes, are available in the game shop priced at 100 Pokecoins.

Pokemon Go Raids Eggs Passes RoomsRaid rooms are where you meet other trainers and team up to take on the raid boss

Pokemon Go Raids contain ‘raid rooms’ before the battle; a public one, and a private one. Public rooms are exactly what they say they are; open to everybody. Here is where you enter a battle and can form teams with other trainers taking part in the raid battle at the same time as you. Up to 20 trainers can take part in the raid battle.

Private rooms are used so that you and your friends can battle without any member of the public being involved. The raid room generates a private code in the top right hand corner; 3 symbols of Pokemon. You and your friends need to enter a private room and enter the private code to start a private battle against the boss.


As mentioned earlier, raid bosses have different difficulty levels. These range from a level 1 Magikarp raid up to a level 4 Tyranitar raid, with level 5 legendary raids rumoured to be introduced eventually.

Pokemon Go Raid Battles

Most if not all level 1 and 2 raids can be beaten solo. Once you start heading into battle with level 3+ raid bosses is where it starts getting trickier and requires the help of a team. Some raid bosses can’t be beaten solo purely because of their defense/hp stats and the time limit within a raid battle, which means you’ll need the help of other trainers to deplete the health of a raid boss in time.

In our raid bosses section we guide you on how to beat every difficult raid boss you can encounter currently within Pokemon Go raids; Alakazam, Blastoise, Charizard, Gengar, Lapras, Machamp, Rhydon, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Vaporeon and Venusaur. This guides will tell you everything you need to know about the raid boss, including their combat power and what it will take to defeat them.


Hopefully, with the help of our guide so far and the Go community, you’ve been able to successfully defeat a raid boss! Once a raid boss is beaten, the boss will freeze on the battle screen and the combat power will drop from their overpowered boss size to the combat power of a normal Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Raids RewardsRaid victories reward players with special items only available from raids.

Once this happens, you will be given reward items for defeating the boss. Rewards include items that are not available in any other part of the game:

  • Golden Razz Berry – Like a normal razz berry, but a lot better. These berries greatly reduce the difficulty of catching a Pokemon you encounter. You can also give these berries to Pokemon in a gym to restore their motivation completely!
  • Rare Candy – This item allows you to convert a rare candy into the candy of a Pokemon. Give this candy to a Tyranitar, and you’ll get 1 Larvitar candy. These candies work in a similar fashion to the Pokemon video games; in the video games, you would give a Pokemon a rare candy to increase it’s level.
  • Fast TM –This item allows you to change the quick move of any Pokemon. TM stands for Technical Machine. When used, it will randomly assign the Pokemon a new move from it’s available moveset; although if the Pokemon only has two moves available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to get the other move.
  • Charged TM –  This item allows you to change the charge move of any Pokemon. TM stands for Technical Machine. When used, it will randomly assign the Pokemon a new move from it’s available moveset; although if the Pokemon only has two moves available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to get the other move.

As well as these items, you’re also able to receive revives as a reward. The items you receive will vary from battle to battle and can be influenced by the difficulty of the raid boss; players have reported receiving TM items more often from higher level raids than lower level. You will also receive 3000 experience points which is not too shabby!


Once you’ve received your rewards, you’re taken to a special challenge where you have the opportunity to catch the raid boss in it’s depowered, normal state. The CP and IV of the Pokemon you battle to catch will vary from trainer to trainer, although the Pokemon will usually have a good IV rating.

For the challenge, you don’t use Poke, Great or Ultra Balls but Premier Balls. Premier Balls are only used currently in these Pokemon Go raid challenges. The amount of Premier Balls you receive to try and catch the raid boss will vary depending on how well you fought during the battle and who controls the gym the raid boss occupied.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss TyranitarRaids give you the chance to catch high IV Tyranitars!

You are able to use any of the berries you would usually use (Pinap, Nanab and Razz) to capture the Pokemon in the challenge, as well as any Golden Razz berries that you may have received as a reward.

Premier Balls are not kept after any challenge so you will have a fresh batch each time. If you run out of Premier Balls trying to catch the boss, then that’s it; the boss will simply run away and the challenge will end. Pokemon in raid challenges are intentionally harder to capture and have a higher flee rate. Good luck!!

More Guides like this are available from our guides section, including guides on gyms, battlesappraisals, moveset, evolutions and levelling up. Head to our how to section also for more information on being as successful as possible in Pokemon Go!

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