Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strengths & Weaknesses

Pokemon Go is full of different Pokemon types – some are super effective against each other, some are not very effective against each other – and there are a ton of different variables to consider when it comes to the ‘type’ of Pokemon you have. This is where our Pokemon Go type chart comes in handy.


Pokemon Go Type ChartThere are 19 different Pokemon types; all have their strengths and weaknesses…

Learning which type to use against certain Pokemon is a crucial element of Pokemon Go; especially when it comes to tier 4 and legendary raid battles, where you’re going to want to be super-effective against the raid boss. It can be daunting as a new or inexperienced Pokemon Go player to try to figure out what a certain type is good against and not good against.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the daunting feeling and stress away by creating a full Pokemon Go Type Chart. The below chart details every type in the game – what it’s strong against, weak against, resistant to and vulnerable to. This can also prove a good resource for experienced players who need a little refresh; the world of Pokemon Go can be mind-boggling at times!


Strong Against:Dark, Grass, Psychic
Weak Against:Fairy, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel
Resistant Against:Fighting, Grass, Ground
Vulnerable Against:Fire, Flying, Rock
Strong Against:Ghost, Psychic
Weak Against:Dark, Fairy, Fighting
Resistant Against:Dark, Ghost, Pyschic
Vulnerable Against:Bug, Fairy, Fighting
Strong Against:Dragon
Weak Against:Fairy, Steel
Resistant Against:Electric, Fire, Grass, Water
Vulnerable Against:Dragon, Fairy, Ice
Strong Against:Flying, Water
Weak Against:Dragon, Electric, Grass, Ground
Resistant Against:Electric, Flying, Steel
Vulnerable Against:Ground
Strong Against:Dark, Dragon, Fighting
Weak Against:Fire, Poison, Steel
Resistant Against:Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fighting
Vulnerable Against:Poison, Steel
Strong Against:Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Against:Bug, Fairy, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
Resistant Against:Bug, Dark, Rock
Vulnerable Against:Fairy, Flying, Psychic
Strong Against:Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel
Weak Against:Dragon, Fire, Water, Rock
Resistant Against:Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel
Vulnerable Against:Ground, Rock, Water
Strong Against:Bug, Fighting, Grass
Weak Against:Electric, Rock, Steel
Resistant Against:Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground
Vulnerable Against:Electric, Ice, Rock
Strong Against:Ghost, Psychic
Weak Against:Dark, Normal
Resistant Against:Bug, Fighting, Normal, Poison
Vulnerable Against:Dark, Ghost
Strong Against:Ground, Rock, Water
Weak Against:Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel
Resistant Against:Electric, Grass, Ground, Water
Vulnerable Against:Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Strong Against:Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Against:Bug, Flying, Grass
Resistant Against:Electric, Poison, Rock
Vulnerable Against:Grass, Ice, Water
Strong Against:Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground
Weak Against:Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
Resistant Against:Ice
Vulnerable Against:Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Strong Against:
Weak Against:Ghost, Rock, Steel
Resistant Against:Ghost
Vulnerable Against:Fighting
Strong Against:Fairy, Grass
Weak Against:Ghost, Ground, Poison, Rock, Steel
Resistant Against:Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Poison
Vulnerable Against:Ground, Psychic
Strong Against:Fighting, Poison
Weak Against:Dark, Psychic, Steel
Resistant Against:Fighting, Psychic
Vulnerable Against:Bug, Ghost, Dark
Strong Against:Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice
Weak Against:Fighting, Ground, Steel
Resistant Against:Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison
Vulnerable Against:Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Strong Against:Fairy, Ice, Rock
Weak Against:Electric, Fire, Steel, Water
Resistant Against:Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Vulnerable Against:Fighting, Fire, Ground
Strong Against:Fire, Ground, Rock
Weak Against:Dragon, Grass, Water
Resistant Against:Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
Vulnerable Against:Electric, Grass


In the main series of Pokemon video games, certain type Pokemon are not just ineffective, they’re completely unable to use certain moves against certain Pokemon. This is known as type immunity. There are no type immunities in Pokemon Go, but Pokemon who previously had immunity in the video games against certain moves will only take HALF the damage it normally would receive (x0.51 to be precise). Those types are:

  • Dark is highly resistant to Psychic
  • Fairy is highly resistant to Dragon
  • Fighting is highly resistant to Ghost
  • Flying is highly resistant to Ground
  • Ghost is highly resistant to Normal & Fighting
  • Ground is highly resistant to Electric
  • Normal is highly resistant to Ghost
  • Steel is highly resistant to Poison

To put it another way – you don’t want to be taking your psychic-type Alakazam into a raid battle with dark-type Tyranitar!

You can find more charts and lists like this in our Pokemon Go Lists section. Have we missed something? Let us know on our contact page and we’ll get it added!